EVNT install notes for Oracle

You are probably wondering what is EVNT?

EVNT is an Oracle monitoring framework I wrote and have been using since 2002. My then boss encouraged me to devote few months of my time to automating all our monitoring needs. We analyzed our requirements, designed the framework and I wrote all the code in few months. In retrospect, this was the best time investment we’ve made — it’s still serving us well after all these years and numerous upgrades — we started with 8.1.7 and now are on 10gR2. Which brings me to why I started this post — I just wrote up EVNT install notes for

I also heavily use OEM — it’s good for lots of things and not so good for others. Ironically, I still don’t trust OEM for critical database up-time monitoring. And if you too, feel that OEM is missing in some areas I encourage you to give EVNT a shoot — DOWNLOAD: EVNT – Event Monitoring Framework for Oracle. EVNT is especially useful to those DBAs that rely heavily on sqlplus/shell scripts for database monitoring.

September 30, 2009

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