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issues with “My Oracle Support” new site

As you probably know by now, Oracle retired perfectly fine Classic Metalink for the Flash based “My Oracle Support“. How do you like it so far? Have you been getting the dreaded errors such as “A server connection error occurred. You cannot continue Please try again later.”:

My Oracle Support error

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    Yeah I got the same error messages and asking me to insert CSI number again….
    hope it’s up again soon, got to submit SR :( production issue

  2. 2

    I had the same issue and had to call Oracle Support to resolve it.
    – Vitaliy

  3. 3

    One more issue today — can’t download a patch getting “Access Denied” error with this explanation “Permission denied for downloading patches from My Oracle Support. If you think this is in error, ask your administrator to add this permission.”

    Permission denied for downloading patches from My Oracle Support. If you think this is in error, ask your administrator to add this permission

    Interesting … because I am the administrator!

  4. 4


    New Oracle metalink is very inefficient tool. I dont know why they introduced this very bad site. Metalink was a superb tool, which was retired by Oracle. It is a wrong and foolish DECISION. I think their objective is to reduce number of users come for service requests. I can’t almost use it. To log an SR, you have to work for hours.

  5. 5

    I too fine the new metalink very inefficient. Things take longer to fine. Also the screen doesnt always redraw correctly.

    Why did they change this??

  6. 6

    I am very frustrated with the new Oracle Support website. I complained about the time it took to open a new SR and was told that I must not be doing it right. The speed is unacceptable and the errors are very annoying.

  7. 7

    Finally! HTML-based Metalink is coming back – http://bit.ly/sbEBom

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