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Oracle on Solaris is making a come back?

Oracle has just announced a new world record TPC-C benchmark result claiming that Oracle and Sun Are Faster than IBM: Proof Now Available. What’s really interesting is that they used Solaris OS instead of Oracle EL for this benchmark, specifically: “Oracle® Database 11g running on Sun SPARC® servers with CMT technology and the Sun Solaris Operating System“.

John Fowler (executive vice-president, Systems Group, Sun Microsystems) had this to say:

No other vendor today is shipping fully-integrated flash-based hardware and software that leverages a world-class operating system – Solaris – to deliver these breakthrough world record performance results.

This is getting very interesting … Goodbye Oracle Linux?

One Response to “Oracle on Solaris is making a come back?”

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    Kirk Brocas:

    ‘Goodbye Oracle Linux?’

    I really really hope so. The cludge of GNU software plus Linus’ pet kernel project is a horrible OS in my opinion. Solaris is more robust, professional and integrated. I hope Oracle drops it’s pirated OEL/Red Hat and realises it now has a better OS.

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