Netflix AWS Cloud Tooling

Here’s a summary of the Netflix cloud based auto scaling tools:

Eureka is used as a routing layered stack of micro services, each service can have multiple active versions so when you request an endpoint from eureka you tell it which services and which version. Very slick!

Dispatch – Eureka:
Client – Ribbon:
Server – Karyon:

Hystrix is a monitoring framework that can point a finger at the failing service rather than then the consumer service that is failing because something broke downstream:

Ice is a nice AWS usage monitoring tool that graphs and drill downs on AWS usage:

Docker allows you to replace chef or puppet because that functionality is built into the docker container. Docker is not a Netflix product but something they would gladly use if it were available 4 years ago:


All of this is from a Software Engineering Radio podcast Episode 216: Adrian Cockcroft on the Modern Cloud-based Platform:
Episode 216: Adrian Cockcroft on the Modern Cloud-based Platform

Adrian Cockcroft Blog:

Book Netflix engineering reads up on a lot is Michael Nygard’s “Release It!”:

December 10, 2014

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