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Top 3 Oracle DBA SQL Scripts

Currently I have 68 SQL scripts that were battle tested on a very busy database serving a popular internet site. However if you asked me what are the TOP 3 sql scripts that I consider most useful – I would say it’s the scripts that allow me to Monitor ASH, LOCKS and SPACE. Because if you have all three areas covered to the point that it only takes you a few seconds to answer questions such as:

  • What is eating up all our space in the last 15 minutes?
  • What happened to the 800GB of free space we added last month?
  • What was causing all the TX locks 3 hours ago?
  • What SQL caused race condition and where did it come from?
  • How many sessions were blocked on row contention this morning?
  • Why did the analytics report take 4 times longer to complete last night?
  • What was the database doing at 3am this morning that consumed almost all I/O bandwidth on the storage?
  • Where did the flood of traffic come from? Was it front-end cluster of nodes or back-end DW jobs?

then your life as an Oracle DBA is much easier than a DBA next door!

Do I have your attention? If so, then I’d like to share with you my 13 page whitepaper outlining these Top 3 Oracle DBA SQL Scripts.  To get it – simply subscribe to my newsletter – Confessions of an Oracle DBA where I share tips, scripts and tricks I’ve learned during almost two decades in the tech field as an Oracle DBA:


August 7, 2008

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