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SQL Script Archive is provided for educational purposes only. I do not guarantee that these scripts will work on your platform/database. Please use caution when using them in your environment.

SQL Scripts and any other material is distributed “as is” and without warranties as to performance, accuracy, or any other warranties whether expressed or implied. The author is not responsible for any costs or damages incurred, whether incidental or consequential, by the use or misuse of any software or scripts.

If you like any SQL Script from the archive feel free to use it, but please save the script header information.


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Id. Category Cnt.
1 APPS General 2
2 APPS Installation 3
3 APPS Concurrent Programs 6
4 APPS Concurrent Managers 9
5 APPS Administration 9
6 Data Files 13
7 Tablespace 26
8 Utility 19
9 Index 8
10 Redo Log 8
11 Rollback 5
12 Maintenance 16
13 Reverse Engineering 8
14 SGA Maintenance 16
15 Table 20
16 User Management 28
17 Statistics 13
18 Storage Management 9
19 Database Init Parameters 2
21 Locks 5
22 Segment Management 19
23 Backup Management 2
24 Parallel Query 1
25 SQL Tracing Tuning 20
26 Partitioning 3
27 Favorite Scripts 34

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What you will find here is what works for me day in day out - 24x7x365 - simple ORACLE DBA Tools written using components that are available on every Unix platform with an ORACLE database -- sqlplus and KSH.

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